ECC2016/W – Updated Timetable

Dear Candidate,

Kindly note that the Student Portal has been updated with all the Term 3 notes, lecture examples solutions, past test papers and any additional information. The timetable for the respective course is also included in the tabs under the respective courses.

The updated Term 3 timetable has also been published and is available for download under the “Home” page and/or “Programmes – ECC2016 / ECC2016W” pages. Please use the timetable online at all times since this is the most updated one at any point in time.

The noteworthy change relates to the FAC4862/4 – Financial Accounting II / Consolidations session which was previously scheduled for Monday, 23 May 2016. This session will now be cancelled and the respective discussion will take place on Monday, 16 May 2016 at 18h00. The session will be for a duration of 90 minutes and thereafter it will be followed by a two-hour Auditing workshop.

The Consolidation session will be for CTA Level 2 candidates only and shall cover changes in degree of ownership through rights issue, share-buy back and issue of fresh issue.

Enduamoo Admin

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