About Endunamoo School Of Accounting

Endunamoo v. (en-doo-nam-o’-o) has a Greek origin and means:

Endunamoo Board Course is proudly an associated organisation of the Endunamoo Family. It exists to support Endunamoo School of Accounting’s primary objective of assisting candidates in pursuance of accounting and finance professional qualifications through the provision of professional relevant programmes.

As a result, its visions and values mirrors that of Endunamoo School of Accounting

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower learners within the commerce field to achieve their dreams through expert teaching, tutoring and personal mentorship

Expert Learning

Competence combined with strong academic background

Generational and forward thinking

Continuous learning and development

Long-term partnership with institutions

With a Personal Touch

Heart for Serving and Empowering

Passionate and Committed

Compassionate and Stewardship

Long term Partnership with the Candidates