Welcome to the Endunamoo Board Course website. This website is dedicated exclusively for Endunamoo’s professional ITC programmes, namely the Endunamoo Board Course 2017 (‘EBC2017’) and soon-to-be-introduced the Accelerated Board Course 2018 (‘ABC2018’).

Both these programmes are primarily lecture and tutorial based programmes focusing quite strongly on effective examination techniques and reinforcing key principles. The EBC2017 is primary aimed at offering support to the recently qualified UNISA CTA graduates and ITC repeat candidates while the ABC2018 shall be exclusively for repeat candidates approaching their final ITC attempts.

The EBC2017 has two main courses to address the needs of our prospective candidates, namely:


ITC Refresher Course

  • Benefits repeat ITC candidates
  • Most classes are held over the weekend
  • Classes commence on 26 November 2016

ITC Preparatory Course

  • Benefits first time ITC candidates
  • Most classes are held during weekdays
  • Classes commence on 10 December 2016

On the other hand, the ABC2018 is an extremely rigorous course serving as a pre-board course to candidates that will be sitting for the ITC for the last time in 2018. It is our intention that the ABC2018 will provide a smooth transition of the repeat candidates into our mainstream board course programme, ITC Refresher Course.